Buschland Ecosystem Buschmann Berlin.

Buschland is a practical everyday solution on the central and decentralized internet.

Of course we attach great importance to safety for our friends and members. Likewise, there is no advertising and no sale of your data. Strictly speaking, we don't really want any data from you. How is the service, service apps and developer paid then? So far from donations and small project token presales. Even later, i.e. after the IEO start on the launchpad, nothing will change.
We wish you a lot of fun and great times in the Buschland. Please be excellent to each other.

The old world is long gone. The new modern age has found its way. We still have a lot planned for & with you. We expand our communication system, shape the bushland, develop AMOC & OSWEED to play and trade. Build some apps and later also special hardware. BuschCoin is the coin for all our projects. We as the Indie-Garage_Team are always happy about donors, sponsors and investors to cover ongoing costs and for flexible further development.


Share and collaborate on documents, manage your calendar, access the Matrix, bepart of AMOC, and have video chats without data leaks As fully on-premises solution, Buschland provides the benefits of online collaboration without the compliance and security risks.

Buschland is the first completely integrated on-premises content collaboration platform, ready for a new generation who expect seamless online collaboration capabilities out of the box.

Regain control.
Buschland the productivity canna platform that keeps you the control.


The individual components are of course also open source. This results in the best possible transparency paired with power and freedom.

For example, we have a Jitsi server for audiovisual communication.

Features The Videobridge passes everyone’s video and audio to all participants, rather than mixing them first. Better quality, lower latency and optimized best quality. It`s compatible with WebRTC, the open standard for Web communication. Advanced video routing support for simulcast, bandwidth estimations, scalable video coding and many others functions. Let us know if you are missing any specific features, apps or widgets. We'll see if we can build them into the system for everyone.


Please be excellent to each other.

Take a look around and make yourself comfortable in the Buschland.

Games and Players.

Find like-minded people to play with and defeat.
Or be a good loser.

Kommunikation & Streams.

Make new friends hang out and stay connected.
Or talk to a smart bot.

Making and Projects.

Use collaboration tools for your projects & events.
Or put a reminder for your birthday.